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Finding the most cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.

Temporary Classrooms / Modular Classrooms


Hawker Modular understand the environment is a vital component to a child’s learning. We are also very much aware of the disruption providing a new learning environment can have on the current environment. 

The challenge is to provide an exciting and durable space, whilst causing the least amount of disruption to the day to day activities. We also need to achieve this within a clients budget. At Hawker Modular we have years of experience providing modular buildings for schools. We listen to each individual schools needs and as a result offer a flexible approach to all our projects. 

Modular Sports Changing Room - Woodbrook Vale School - 6


Whether it’s a new changing room for the local recreational pitches or a state of the art gym for a professional sports team, we can provide a building to meet your requirements.

Hawker Modular can provide buildings for sports use such as changing rooms, bespoke gyms, treatment rooms and stores.

We can also provide clubhouses, bars and function spaces, no matter what sport we can design a space that excels just like the people using it.


The team at Hawker Modular are experienced in working in the Healthcare sector with experiences of building fracture clinics, hospital wards, treatment rooms and diagnostic centres. A modular solution provides quick and cost-effective space, perfect for both temporary and long-term accommodation providing a bespoke environment to suit any situation. 

We understand the constant changing dynamic of healthcare requirements and we can use modular construction methods to deploy functional buildings as quickly as possible. 

Temporary Nursery Building


The most important building for the most important people, using our in-house design team Hawker Modular will create a fun, creative and inspiring space that encourages a child’s development. Using colours, textures and lighting we will create a warm inviting space. 

More importantly our modular nursery buildings are safe, we utilise all methods of nursery security from door access controls to isolated waiting rooms and one-way systems. We can create the perfect environment for your nursery setting, daycare, children’s club or soft play.

Modular Office

Offices & Commercial

Just like universities we strive to achieve. Using the innovative design approach that modular construction allows, we are able to create spaces that will provide the perfect environments for students to study or get creative.

We know that universities have many different requirements for learning environments form small individual areas to large open plan. We are able to provide the space you need in the shortest timeframe possible, with minimal impact on site.

Temporary university building


Whether a new venture or expanding your current premises, a modular office building is the perfect solution.

If you have the space on your existing land we can design a solution to maximise this space to meet your requirements.

We can also have the office functional within weeks of starting construction so that your day to day business has minimal interruption.

Modular Classroom - Thomas Estley 1

Looking for a new office but can’t find what you need?

Consider purchasing the land to expand.

Modular office buildings offer speed of construction with minimal impact on site, they are manufactured off site maximising all benefits of a factory environment with the quality control traditional construction are envious of.

Modular Classroom - Thomas Estley 1