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Frequently asked questions

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Here are some common questions that we get asked.


Hawker Construction Limited was incorporated in 2007, following on from over 40 years (and three generations) of the Hawker family working in the construction industry. The business has always had a vision of providing high quality building services to customers, taking on all aspects of a project and managing the delivery on behalf of their customers. Over the years a wealth of construction knowledge has been developed and wanted to use that to provide a complete service for project delivery, that all clients would value and recommend. Hawker Construction Limited recognised the requirement for modern methods of construction and having been principal contractor on a number of Modular projects recognised the benefits of off site construction, setting up its specialist Modular Division in order to provide a full turnkey offering to their clients backed by their construction and modular experience required to deliver a successful project.

Hawker Modular specialise in the provision of a full turnkey modular project. As a specialist in Modular Projects we are able to take a project from inception to completion. If you already have a specific requirement we can manufacturer your required building off site. We will carry out all of the site works (foundations, services, enabling works etc) whilst the building is being manufactured, ready to receive the building before delivering to site. Once delivered we will lift into position and complete the installation. If you don’t have your own consultants or architects we can manage the entire process. Our design team can develop the project in line with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) design stages, taking the project from strategic definition all the way through to handover. We will develop the design to suit your needs and budget. As part of the design process we can gain any required planning or regulatory approvals prior to the construct phase commencing. We manufacture the modules off site to suit the project design We can manage the planning process and deliver the building.

Hawker Modular works to a very robust Quality Management process where we monitor all aspects of the process from design stage through manufacture and construction. We carry out quality checks at set stages of the process to ensure the quality of every aspect is as it should be. This starts at design stage where our team will liaise with the manufacturing team and the delivery team to ensure the design takes into account their requirements to achieve the best finish. Once in manufacture we have set hold points where the product is inspected to ensure they are as designed, and the finishes are acceptable. This will also be the case with the onsite construction works. Throughout the process we will also carry out various tests to ensure everything is operating as expected. In layman’s terms a modular building is a premanufactured building that comes onto site and can be placed onto the foundation that have been poured. This method of construction allows for the time spent on site to be reduced heavily, leaving a site that has minimal interruption. The buildings are made up of sections that we call modules. Using this sectioned approach means that we are able to ensure the reliability as the project progresses.

Building Queries

The answer to this question is usually always YES. Most buildings can be constructed using a modular method of construction. There are certain design details we need to consider but in the most part these are always achievable. Our experienced design team have been involved on many different types, shapes and locations of buildings and we have always come up with a solution. On the very rare occasion that a modular build cannot be achieved or it is becoming inefficient to do so we are in the fortunate position that our construction division would be able to look at other modern methods of construction or even traditional forms of construction to meet your requirements.

In layman’s terms a modular building is a premanufactured building that comes onto site and can be placed onto the foundations that have been prepared. In technical terms modular construction is a term that covers various Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) such as Volumetric Modular, SIPs and Timber Frame. As a company we are able to provide all of these methods of construction but when referring to Modular buildings we are referring to volumetric modular construction. This method of construction means that the complete building fabric is formed off site in factory conditions and then transported to site. Once on site the modules are lifted into place and connected together to provide a structurally finished building. Depending on the specification this could be a completely finished building or there may need to be a small element of site works. This method of construction allows for the time spent on site to be reduced heavily, leaving a site that has minimal interruption. Also with most of the work being carried out in controlled factory conditions with the same labour force the quality control is a lot higher than can be achieved in site conditions

This is a tricky one to answer. Modular buildings can be both. Our Modular buildings are designed to be permanent structures. They are designed to adhere to the current building regulations the same as any other structure and so they have the same design life as traditional buildings. Modular buildings can also however be utilised as temporary buildings and depending on the timescales they are to be deployed there are different regulations that can be designed to. Hawker Modular will always design our buildings to provide a permanent structure unless advised otherwise. We can provide temporary buildings but our default position is to provide a building to last